"The Future is Now"

As part of our ecological responsibility, we try to do our bit in protecting the environment and take necessary measures in dealing with environmental degradation. We are working hard in developing our expertise in the field of organic production, creating more earth-conscious fashion collections made of organically grown materials. To address the use of chemicals in our manufacturing stages, we have taken initiatives such as operating an Effluent Treatment Plant designed to purify industrial wastewater for its re-use.

We believe in improving visibility and accountability over our manufacturing value-chain. We work together with accredited audit companies in conducting social and technical audits at our workplaces in an effort to identify critical non-conformities, and implementing defined corrective action plans as deemed necessary.

In every sense of the word, our hope is to become a fully-compliant business entity capable of meeting the sustainability needs of the future, as well as the evolving expectations of our customers, partners, and stakeholders.


There are different types of certifications and claims in order to label a sustainable product.
Sonia Group is in the application to be certified for both GOTS and OCS.

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