About Us


We do not make products, we knit sweaters for giving warm. Our people are happy workers and they are living and growing by warming million hearts in this earth. Having started with a 500 knitting machine in 2003, we scaled up to 1270 machine running capacity by 2014. We have installed 145 auto flat knitting machine (jacquard) in July 2014,  another 113 jacquard machine by December 2015. We are adding new 143 sets  jacquard machine by December 2016. Thus our production capacity is being increased to  6,839,800 pcs from beginning 2017. We are working towards making our presence truly INTERNATIONAL. Zon Ron Sweaters is a 100% export oriented professional manufacturer of sweaters. We have adopted ‘Lean System’ & ‘Kaizen’ method strictly.


Zahirul Haque

Chairman & Managing Director

Nihar Haque


Saif Arefin Haque

Chief Executive Officer

Saleh Arefin Haque